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My Services: Event Services
Kissing the Bride

Before the Wedding

Our first meeting together is the first glimpse into how your day will unfold. I take the time to understand your exact needs, so the Wedding Ceremony you imagine is the Wedding Ceremony you'll get. I have a lot to tell you so you have a clear picture of what you can expect from me and what needs to happen next.
I will support you every step of the way. Don't worry; I have a handy information pack for you to keep that will refresh your memory of all the things we discuss. It also contains valuable resources to help inspire you and provide suggestions for your day. If you have questions, I am here for you.

Newlywed Couple

What you get for your money?

I can customise your wedding package to fit your budget and specific needs.

Pricing includes meetings, rehearsals, paperwork, PA and microphone use. And of course, the perfect Ceremony will be written for you: no hidden costs, no extra charges. We agree on a price upfront, so you know what you are paying.

And I guarantee your guests will be raving about the Wedding Ceremony afterwards.

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