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Where It All Started

My path to becoming a Professional Marriage Celebrant


My family moved to the Yarra Valley for the splendid views and gorgeous countryside and to give our young family a chance to grow up in a country environment. And, of course, it was the perfect location for weddings!

I am married to a splendid and patient man, a Mum of two beautiful kids, and I have four fantastic grandchildren that I spoil rotten...wouldn't change it for the world. I love changing my hair colour and dressing up in beautiful clothes. And I LOVE my fur kids; our three gorgeous adopted Greyhounds, Marley, Tilly and Dawson. Yes, I would adopt more dogs if I could, but sometimes you need to know your limits!! (watch this space, never say never!)

I love to read, listen to all types of music and watch trashy TV. I can talk to you for hours about chickens and dogs, and don't even get me started on grandkids. I don't mind a nice cold beer after mowing the lawns on a sunny afternoon or getting in the garden, getting my hands dirty.

​I see the humour in most situations and generally have a good laugh at life. My philosophy is "No matter what happens next, we call it a memory, and we move on". No point dwelling on what could have been.
I have spent most of my professional working life in the Corporate world, focussed on finance, project management and managing customer service teams. I decided marrying people would be much more fun and a pleasant change of pace, and besides, who doesn't love a wedding. 

Enough about me. Let's tell you about my little business. Enchanted Hearts Celebrant Services was created in 2014 out of a passion for helping people find the magic on their wedding day. Understanding your unique needs and preferences taught me to be flexible and accommodating and throw out preconceived ideas about what a wedding should look like or how it should be conducted.
Suppose you are looking for a celebrant interested in listening to you, caring for you and your wedding day equally as much as you do. In that case, I could be the right person for you. Get in touch, and let's chat. ​Together, we can co-create the perfect ceremony for you.​

And a little side note, Enchanted Hearts Celebrant Services was the brilliant name suggested by my son Damon when he was just 10 years old. Thanks for the excellent suggestion, buddy, love you! 

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